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                                                       The Darkness II

The year of 2012 has just begun, but the year is already beginning to look bright for gamers. Or should I say dark, for the upcoming horror shooter game, The Darkness II, is making its way to gamers everywhere, and in this game, players thrive in the dark.

The sequel to the 2007 hit game The Darkness, the Darkness II follows in the path of the first games main character, Jackie Estacado, the current Don of a mob family. He is haunted by visions of his now dead girlfriend, Jenny, whom he was unable to save in the first game. Leading a normal mobsters life of luxury and doing his best to hold back the Darkness, a powerful force that feeds on pain and killing whatever it wants, whenever it wants, Jackie finds himself in the middle of a full scale mob war after he is attacked in a restaurant, and he is forced to unleash the Darkness on his enemies. Soon, Jackie learns a powerful organizations known as the Brotherhood started the war, wanting to gain the Darkness for themselves to wield over the world. Jackie must end the war, stop the Brotherhood, and gain control of the Darkness before all hell breaks loose.

The games main controls have improved significantly from the original game. It has built on its already successful engine, and created  a dual wield system, in which you not only wield two weapons at a time, but control two long tentacles of the Darkness to pick up objects, and rip apart enemies in gore filled ways. Full of advanced weaponry, life-like visuals and a dark story that showcases the combination of seedy and corrupt organizations and haunting and powerful dark forces, The Darkness II looks to be on the years earliest hits, and starts the year of 2012 off with a bang for the video game industry. The Darkness II hits shelves February 7th, 2012.